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'My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With My Stepdad . .. Now We ALL Have STDS'!!

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Every once in a while, readers send in letters to the editors of MTO News, asking for advice. Here is one such letter that we received, asking us for advice. It shares a story of a LOVE TRIANGLE like none of us has ever heard before, but you know how it goes down these days!!!

We've heard a lot but, were so FLABBERGASTED by the scandalousness of it, that we had to share it with you guys. Our advice to the young lady - is go to church and PRAY PRAY PRAYYYYY!!

So I don't even know where to start tbh..I can't believe this is happening...

Okay, so I met this guy from my workplace. I'm 21 and he's 24. We hit it off right away and started dating. I introduced him to my mom and stepdad after 2 months of dating and they all got along very well initially.

I was with him for 7 months before I suspected cheating. We lived together and he would be gone from late in the night and come back early in the morning. When I asked him where he was he said he was working night shifts but I found out later that he doesn't even work nights from a mutual friend who works with him.

I had a complete blood test done last week for my job and my doctor suggested that I get STD testing done as well because everyone can benefit from it. I was hesitant at first (why would I have an STD right?) but decided to go along with it.

I was diagnosed with SYPHILIS. Fucking syphilis. I was in shock when I got my results. I'm currently on antibiotics to kill the bacteria.

The only person I could have got it from was my bf because I pretty much lost my virginity with him. I went to him, told him about my results and we had a huge argument. He broke down eventually and said that he was dl and having sex with my stepdad on the low, so he might have gotten it from him and passed it on to me. He said he was gonna get tested. I slapped him and ran away. I came back, packed up all my stuff and left the next day so I have no idea about his results. He's probably positive.

I also confronted my stepdad and at first he denied everything but eventually confessed to it as well, and said he was "so sorry". I told my mom about what had happened and about how he probably has syphilis, and may have passed it on to her. They both got tested and both have syphilis as well, as I suspected. They are on antibiotics and their marriage is essentially in shambles.

I don't know what to do, say, or think. I had no idea my life would turn out this way. There was no suspect behaviour from my bf, he didn't act gay or anything. I can't believe my poor mom is involved in this mess when she didn't ask for any of it. I packed all my stuff and I am currently living in a motel. I can't go back to my parents especially since my dl stepdad is still there as he and my mom finalize their divorce. I just want to move far away and start all over. Should I?