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Boxing legend Zab Judah was rushed to the hospital one day after a boxing match, and the boxer appears to be in serious condition.

On Friday night Zab, 41, fought Cletus Seldin, a 32 year old warrior. Cletus ended up stopping Judah in the 11th round of a largely one-sided fight, that was brutal at times.

According to compu-box, Zab was punched in the head more than 300 times during the fight. And the accumulation of punishment seems to have been too much.

Immediately after the fight, which was at the Event Center at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York, Zab looked fine. But within 24 hours Zab was rushed to the emergency room, because of injuries sustained at the fight.

Unconfirmed online reports are saying that Zab, who took a brutal beating, is now in what is being described as a "coma." Here's boxer Paulie Malinaggi's cornerman speaking on those rumors:

Others are saying that Zab suffered  brain bleed but is recovering. Look:

Whatever his condition, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Here is video from the fight with Cleatus Seldon, where Zab lost by technical knockout.

Judah, once the undisputed welterweight champion of the world, was known for his quick hands and agile defense - attributes which can often abandon a pugilist as time passes. His defeat to Seldin was notable for the more than 300 blows Judah absorbed through eleven rounds.

Perhaps one of the more memorable moments of his career was when he landed a blow on Floyd Mayweather which forced the undefeated fighter on his heels and to put his glove on the mat to balance himself. Under the sport's rules this counts as a knockdown, though it wasn't spotted by the official. It would be the only such time that Mayweather was technically 'knocked down' in his 50-fight professional career.