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Bow Wow Wants To Join The WWE!!

Rapper and actor Bow Wow says that he wants to join the WWE -- because it's his dream job.

"Now i know this might sound crazy… BUT… after i drop my last album. I will focus on tv and film. And joining the@WWE its been a life long childhood dream to wrestle in the WWE!!!!"

Judging from the tweet, Bow has had enough of making music -- but his career has spanned over two decades.

Last month, the rapper took to Twitter Tuesday after he caught heat for performing at a packed Houston nightclub -- violating COVID-19 restrictions.


After being called out by the city's mayor, he took to Twitter to issue the following statement:

"Heres the TRUTH: My only statement," said Bow Wow. "1. It was not a bow wow concert. I simply did one verse to like you. And went back to my section and simply put my mask BACK on. 2. I did not i repeat did not GET PAID for anything. It was my boys (sic) 30th bday weekend and i came down off the love."