Bow Wow hopped on Instagram to defend his honor after Lil Duval clowned him on Instagram for spending 50 Cent's cash in the club - and not his own!

"For the record last night i was the only person that didn’t take no money from 50. I spent my OWN money. He got the rest of them dumb niggaz 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bow wow owe the most tho he was throwing 50 money like it was his 😂😂😂😂" Duval wrote.

He then posted this video of Bow:

But Bow shut Duval's claims down immediately:

"No, no, no, my friend. See it's called a walk through. I just got back from Chicago the yesterday—well two days ago—I came back with my own bag," he said. "N*gga don't count my pockets. Stop watching me. Matter of fact, Imma charge your ass for helping your big headed little body ass up on that bar last night. I'm charging you. I ain't security. You see nobody picked your little ass up. I picked your little ass up and put you on the bar next to us. That's about a thousand dollars right there."