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Bow Wow Raps About Possible Son

Bow Wow may have a son. He took to social media to drop a freestyle about potentially being the father of a beautiful baby boy.

"Shai asking me about a brother I don't know what to say. That's gon' be one of them talks that we have face to face.


"I'm looking in his eyes, I'm tryna see me in them, I'm peeping out his swag and I see the resemblance. Seen the boy 3 times, sh*t why would I lie. Baby moms'll bring him through just so we spend some time. If he mine, sh*t you know I'm steppin' up. Kobe set that example, you know I send my blessings up. I told you dealing with me, gone be hard to do, we both caught in this storm, but we gone make it through."

He ends the freestyle: "Mama call like 'Shad do me a favor, keep yo d*ck out of these broke h*es that wanna be famous.' I gotchu mom dukes, I don't know how I'm still here after this sh*t I been through. Ohio born, ATL raised me, I ain't from this new era, I'm a 80's baby. Feet out the car, no doors, on the slingshot, Georgetown jersey number 3, and some Reeboks. 20 Lambo's back to back, but got the streets locked, take a jet to LA, just to hit the weed shop, and we don't do TSA."