Bow Wow On Quitting GUHHATL: I'm Involved Behind The Screen

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Bow Wow announced to fans that he was quitting WETV's Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta -- but he says that he's not walking away from the network and is still involved behind the scenes.

"For me, it's a different situation to me because I'm involved behind the screen, so I don't necessarily have to be in front of it," Bow Wow told Hollywood Life. "I can always be behind it and still get my points across through different things. I love to create anyway. But my future with WE tv is strong. I'm not leaving WeTV. Things happen or sad things happen all the time. In this business, you get a little frustrated here and there."

The star is an executive producer on the show.

Several stars of the show have quit, expressing disapproval with the network's editing and tactics. Bow says he's happy to continue working with WeTV.

"For me, it's a marriage that, if I wanted to walk out the door, I don't think they would let me walk out the door anyway. I'm happy here," he said. "They're the first network to give me that executive producer title and give me that freeform. I could never just turn my back on WE tv because, like I said, they rolled the dice for me and gambled with us and I'm thankful for that."