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Bow Wow regularly catches heat online for being corny, but his mack game is always on ten and the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta star has landed some of the baddest women in the industry -- but he says he's still not ready to settle down.

Bow visited The Real, where he opened up about fatherhood and more, and when asked about settling down, Bow was very clear -- he's just not ready to.

"I don't know if I'm ready yet... You know what? I've been thinking about the idea of me walking down an aisle and all of that. I'm not saying it's far out of reach, but it's kinda weird seeing myself do that right now," he explained.

"As far as settling down, I'm just so focused with what's going on in my career, this tour and everything I got going on, so if I date somebody, I gotta be able to give her my all. All of my attention. And I'm not gon' lie, I'm one of them dudes, I like my space," he continued, adding, "I like my me time," he said.

Peep the clip above.