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Bow Wow has a new hustle - in addition to selling music, and a reality show, he's also selling du-rags.

The rapper/actor is selling a new Du-rag brand called Power Wave. And the du-rag is allegedly made out of velvet.

According to the website, the rag is designed for 360 waves and the "Luxurious Velvet Feels Soft & Stretchy."

It's not clear how much money that Bow Wow is getting for his new du-rags, but they are available at Dollar Stores nationwide.

Back in 2014 it was rumored that Bow Wow and Michael Vick had partnered start a du-rag company. Vick took to Twitter to announce the business venture, which includes durags, skull caps, pomades, brushes, and other top notch hair care necessities. According to the brand's website, Wavemasterz plans to "set ya city on FIRE." The business never panned out but it seems as if Bow Wow always had in his heart the desire to start a similar company. 


Bow Wow became an international hip hop sensation at age 13 when he released his hit album Beware of Dog (2000). The album was a double-platinum Top Ten hit, and though he struggled to rival such breakout success in the years that followed, he continued to reinvent himself to remain relevant.

In addition to his music career, Bow Wow also found regular work in Hollywood, first by starring in the movie Like Mike (2002). Bow Wow also appeared in Hollywood hits like Johnson Family Vacation (2004), Roll Bounce (2005), and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).