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Rapper and reality star Bow Wow is going viral on social media today - for doing the Oompa Loompa dance on Instagram.

Bow Wow is on the current season of the WEtv hit series Growing Up Hip Hop. And he's been doing the most online. His latest antics have him doing numbers on social media.

Here's him dancing:

This season, Bow Wow is opening up about his new relationship with Instagram model Corri Moore. On the last episode, the two had a candid discussion in the park about their love life. “Once we get intimate, that’s when I really start having feelings, you know what I’m saying?” Corri told Bow Wow.

But in the episode Corri dropped a bomb on Bow Wow - she's not interested in having sex yet. She explained him,  “Once we become intimate, I start to wonder what that d*ck doing.”

Maybe Bow Wow's dance was done in sexual frustration???

In other Bow Wow news, recently the pint sized rapper body shamed the queen of daytime television Wendy's how TMZ reported it:

Wendy Williams is not backing down from Bow Wow ... sources close to her say his recent body-shaming attempt won't stop her from defending Ciara, or from trashing him in the future. 

Bow Wow and Wendy have been exchanging insults ever since he dissed Ciara at a performance earlier this month, telling the crowd, "I had this bitch first."

Wendy quickly took Ciara's side and took a swipe at his height on her talk show, and Bow Wow fired back Sunday with a body-shaming tweet ... which Wendy is now shaking off. 

Sources close to Wendy tell TMZ ... Bow Wow's attempt at attacking and trying to intimidate her from saying anything bad about him in the future won't work. 

We're told Wendy isn't the slightest bit worried about his shade ... and she's doubling down on her defense of Ciara by maintaining Bow Wow shouldn't have said anything bad about his ex in the first place.