Bow Wow had some things on his mind on Monday, and hopped onto Instagram to question the luxurious lifestyles many Instagram models claim that they live.

 "You ever notice how the IG models take more vacays than the average? Like you got no car no home but in Dubai this week and Turks next week. Who be paying for this sh*t and they never show the n*ggas they on vacay w/ tryna make it look like its all the girls. STOOOP IT." 

Bow then added, "Plane tix are 2K and up plus food plus hotel...We know yall not paying for this sh*t. Hell you ask me to pay for an Uber to get you home so I know you not busting 15,000$ on no trip! #GirlsGotItGood." 

While some Instagram models are paid handsomely and given large sponsorships and could probably afford their lavish lifestyle - he does have a point. But Bow also needs to remember that some of the guys who are flying them out do not want their picture on the Gram like that and pay for that discretion.