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Erica Mena just dropped a BOMB - claiming that Shad "Bow Wow" Moss attempted suicide, while her son was nearby.

Erica and Bow Wow have been ARGUING with each other on social media all weekend. The argument started when Bow Wow blasted his former fiancé Erica - telling fans that was a thot.

Erica clapped back against Bow Wow - calling him names also. But then Erica started spilling his tea. Erica told fans that the reason she broke up with Bow Wow is, "because he tried to kill himself with my son in the house."

Bow Wow has threatened suicide on social media in the past. At the time, many of his fans thought that the 31 year old actor/rapper was just trolling. It appears that he may have some serious depression issues.

Listen to Erica spilling tea:

This isn't the first time that Bow Wow has brought up suicide...

Earlier this year Bow Wow sat down with The Breakfast Club, and shared some SMH-worthy sentiments on his most recent controversy: suicide.

A week ago, Mr. Shad Moss made a questionable tweet regarding the heavy subject matter only for the internet to find out that it will be the title of his next album, he clarified. When the femme voice of the radio trio brought up how concerned his fans were, he backtracked a bit, however. 

“Nah, it’s because it was how I was really feeling,” he said. “People don’t understand—I done lapped the world eight times. And it’s like, me coming into the game young, and seeing so much and doing so much, sometimes I just question life. Like, damn, what else is there for me to do.”

Afterward, Charlamagne made it clear that his aforementioned reasons were no means to commit suicide, though. But according to Bow, he’s crossed everything off of his bucket list and wonders what the next phase of his life actually is.