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During a recent interview, Bow Wow addressed the now infamous mugshot stemming from his arrest for battery.

Bow's mugshot went viral, following a fight with his then-girlfriend, Kiyomi. Bow's face was covered with claw-like scratches while Kiyomi (who was also arrested) appeared to have not one single mark on her face. 

"It's still pending, it's still open, still out on bail," Bow Wow said on Real 92.3 LA's 'Big Boy's Neighborhood'. "First of all, I shouldn't have been locked up period. The pictures, you saw that. The pictures say it all. Not to put the blame on her or put the blame on me."

Fans wondered why Bow was locked up until the footage from the elevator was released.

He also opened up about his depression:

"I was depressed. I was going through it. I wanted to tell people you can have the most money in the world and it don't really heal you... I was going through a lot last year. Not even career-wise. I was going through a lot of things personally."

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