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Harvey Weinstein's next hearing is around the corner, but according to reports, both sides do not want a public hearing and want the media to be barred from the courtroom.

Both Weinstein's legal team and prosecutors in the office of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office have petitioned Judge James Burke to close the upcoming hearing on Apr. 26 hearing at which Burke will decide whether to allow in the testimony of alleged "prior bad acts and uncharged crimes" by Weinstein at his trial.

Weinstein is scheduled to be tried on Jun. 3 on five counts of sexual assault, including rape, involving two female accusers. 

The media can now appeal the decision.

"The press has been notified and is being given an opportunity to state their position in writing, and also whether the conditionally sealed motion papers and record should be unsealed," Burke wrote in his order.

When it came to Bill Cosby's trial, the justice was swift and unrelenting. All elements of the trial should be public to ensure that Weinstein too, can face the public humiliation that he ultimately deserves.