Boosie Threatens To MURDER Baby Mama . . . Confesses He MURDERED HER BROTHER!!

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MTO News learned that rapper Boosie may soon be facing criminal charges. Boosie went on the phone and threatened to MURDER his babys mama - and confessed to MURDERING her brother.

Last night, Boosie's baby's moms went on IG live exposing him. She played a voicemail where he said he was taking their daughter out of the will, threatened to blacken her eye and alluded to the fact that he killed his daughter's uncle and will kill her mother next.

Boosie was arrested for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill his baby mama's brother. He was tried and ACQUITTED of the murder in 2009.

If you listen closely, Boosie appears to be saying that he is planning to PUT A HIT on his babys mother. The Louisiana rapper repeatedly says he will "put a bag" on his babys moms. hat's slang for hiring a hitman.

We're told that law enforcement is LOOKING INTO Boosie's threats.

With 10 albums under his belt and more than 30 mixtapes released over the last 17 years, Boosie’s journey to BooPac, which came out on Dec. 15, 2017 on Atlantic Records, has been a wild ride of triumphs and tribulations. At 17, Boosie (known then as Lil’ Boosie) dropped his debut album, appropriately titled Youngest of Da Camp. The release led to his signing with Trill Entertainment in 2001, setting the tone for a career decorated with reality-driven rhymes and remarkable resilience.

In an interview with XXL Boosie's troubled past was described as:

Unfortunately, Boosie was knocked off the ladder of success he was steadily climbing after a 2008 arrest for resisting arrest, weed and gun possession. A four-year prison bid followed, which doubled once he was caught trying to smuggle drugs into prison. Then there was the indictment on a first-degree murder charge in 2010; if convicted, he’d be facing death row. During this trying time, his loyal fan base kept the “Free Boosie” campaign going while new supporters jumped on the bandwagon once the publicity of his trial was at fever pitch. Thankfully, by March 5, 2014, Boosie beat the murder charge and walked away with his freedom, only serving five of the eight-year sentence.