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A rapper who was threatened by Louisiana rapper Boosie - died yesterday under suspicious circumstances. And some online are suggesting that it may be MORE THAN JUST A COINCIDENCE.

The drama between Boosie and the now deceased rapper, Lil Headcold started a week ago, when Boosie was on LIVE talking with fans. Lil Headcold started trolling Boosie - and at one point threatened to harm Boosie's son.

Well, Boosie went off on Lil Headcold. In the below video, you can see that at first Boosie tried to "block" the rapper. Then you hear Boosie tell one of his homies, "Find out where he from. I'm bout to send somebody at him."

Many took the last statement as a clear threat by Boosie.

Here is the video:

Well, yesterday Lil Headcold died - and some are suggesting that his passing was due to foul play. Details surrounding Lil Headcold's death have not been made public.

Here is confirmation of his passing.

While this may just be a coincidence, remember just a few weeks ago Boosie CONFESSED ONLINE, to putting a hit out on his babys mama brother. SEE STORY HERE