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Rapper Boosie Badazz was upset with American Airlines, telling them that he hopes their planes all crash and burn in a post on Instagram.

Boosie was reportedly refused entry onto one of their planes by a worker, despite being given the green light by the plane's pilot.

"American Airlines r racist, ignorant, b*tch MFs, faggot ass f*cks. I hope u b*tches N y'all planes crash," he wrote.

He then continued, "(American Airlines)The man who just refused to let me get on the plane with my kids IS a b*tch ass hater. If I ever see you again I’m go spit n yo f*cking face you b*tch ass hater.," the caption reads.

"I hope THIS N*GGA HATER Mhave a head on collision n die coming from yo airport job WITH YO pregnant wife n the car you P*SSY 🖕🏽🖕🏽I HOPE U B*TCHES N THESE PLANES CRASH N BURN hope I see u n da streets p*ssy 👌 🙏🏼crash n burn hoes 🔥n if anybody got a problem with what I said SUCK MY D*CK see me n the streets n say something"

XXL spoke to the airline and was told by a rep that the rapper was only denied entry on the plane because he arrived after the aircraft gate had closed, which is standard procedure. After he missed his flight, the airline immediately booked him on the next plane going to his destination.