Boosie Badazz weighed in on the Omarion, Apryl Jones, Lil Fizz situation and said that Omarion looked like a "street n*gga" while handling the whole debacle.

He also did not respect the way that Lil Fizz conducted himself:

"He wrong, bruh. You know why? I f*ck with Fizz, but I feel like he wrong because y'all made history together. Real history together. All these b*tches in the world. Why her dawg? You on reality TV. N*gga, your DMs full, n*gga. Why cross that boundary. Why do that? I ain't respect that."

"I live by other sh*t," Boosie continued. "That's just like, somebody go to jail, y'all best friends, y'all made history together, and you start f*ckin' his baby mama. That ain't cool on a level, I feel. I don't know how everybody else think on the matter or whatever, but I just feel like that ain't cool. Rappers and artists have a select when it come to women. That's B2K. He could have got any b*tch."

Omarion was praised by the internet for the cool way that he handled the controversy, and his response to the disrespect was admirable, according to Boosie.

"Omarion look like a street n*gga to me, how he ran that. That n*gga looked like a street n*gga. That n*gga was calm, cool and collected. That's a street n*gga saying, 'Imma get the last laugh.'"