Lil Boosie sat down for an interview with DJ Vlad, where he revealed that he beats his children if they misbehave.

"I'm a fun daddy, but I discipline them too. I don't beat them too bad, but I beat they ass. I give 'em a good ole fashion ghetto whooping," he told Vlad. "I chew 'em out in front of their other brothers and sisters. They don't like that. You don't like to get embarrassed in front of your brothers and sisters.

"Other than that, if they out of line I beat they ass. Like, I beat my kids' ass. And sometimes it falls back on me because I play with my kids a lot."

But Boosie knows that society has changed since he was a child:

"You spare the rod, you spoil the child," Boosie said. "What they having going on today is wrong... Parents going to jail for disciplining they kids? The world has changed. You can't even whoop your child and send them back to school with a bruise," later adding, "I can't really talk about how bad I beat 'em."

Is Boosie right to beat his kids, or should he find other ways to discipline his seven children? Let us know.