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Rapper Boosie Badazz is blaming the pilot of Juice Wrld's last flight, claiming that it was him who snitched on the rapper to the cops.

According to reports, the pilot allegedly called feds on Juice and his entourage after learning that they had firearms on the plane. Authorities then began searching the star at the airport when he then allegedly swallowed several pills in the hopes of evading the cops. The rapper sadly died after suffering from a seizure at the airport.

"I would beat that f*ckin' pilot ass." Boosie said, "Somebody need to beat that f*ckin' pilot ass, bro. The one who told the f*ckin' people they had guns on the plane. B*tch, you shouldn' the one [who] made the people come search the plane. That's why he swallowed the sh*t."

He continued: "A rat! F*ckin' snitchin'," the rapper said to DJ Vlad. "A worldwide f*ckin' epidemic. Snitches. Ol' snitchin' ass b*tch driving the plane gon' alert the authorities. You snitchin' ass hoe. You a hoe. If you listenin', b*tch."