Boosie Badazz Begs Mark Zuckerberg Again To Restore His Instagram Page!!

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Boosie Badazz is once again begging Instagram owner, Mark Zuckerberg, to restore his Instagram account after it was deleted.

"Mark Zuckerberger, I need to get back on Instagram. I just got an email they said I had some sexual content. Playa, if I f*cked up, I f*cked up. My bad! If it popped off, it wasn't my fault, but I' ma take my lick. They just sent me a thang for me to take a picture with and my Instagram still ain't back on," he says in the clip.

"I just took a picture, this is my number. I'm ready Mark, I'm ready to get back on. I got people money, I gotta do Instagram drops. Whatever I did, my bad. I need to get back on Instagram. Do NOT do this to 2020!"

Boosie maintains that he needs to social media platform to make money to feed his family.

Should Instagram give him his account back?