The booking prices of more than 100 rappers and singers leaked online yesterday. And the list showed how much rappers - per their booking agents - are asking for a performance.

Some of the numbers were staggeringly high. Others, were surprisingly low.

For example, in the leaked booking list, Meg The Stallion requires $125,000 for a performance, and $150,000 for LiL Wayne. Both those numbers seem reasonable - given their fame and catalogue. But 2000s rapper Nelly charges $125,000.

On the low end - certain rappers who have fallen out of favor with the hip hop community are offering to perform at struggle prices. Rapper OG Maco is charging just $3,500 to perform and Hit Boy is asking for $7,500.

The price list was reportedly leaked from a college - that was looking to hire an artist for its festival.

Here is the list: