Bobby Shmurda's Alleged GF Denies Claims He Doesn't Know Her: I Picked Him Up From Jail!!


After Bobby Shmurda trended online when a video of him cuddling up to a white woman went viral -- he hopped online to deny he was dating her, even claiming that he doesn't know her.

She says he does and that she picked him up from prison.

"Doesn't know me?! I picked him up from prison. Lefty needa get out your ear," she commented on TSR's post.

"It was not me!!" Bobby told his followers. "That is the homeboy's joint, bro."

He later added: "That sh*t ain't cool, bruh," Bobby said. "I'm trying to stay as a nice guy. I'm on parole. But, y'all want me to wild the f*ck out. … Y'all got to be careful with what y'all saying to people. … Shaming the girl and all that. Even though she did some corny sh*t, sometimes that's what people do. You let that sh*t slide. You let it ride and keep going."

Is she his girlfriend or isn't she?