Bobby Shmurda's mother has revealed that her son will be released from prison in just 15 months.

She revealed the news via her Instagram page:

"My child is in such good spirits he is ready for these streets. We have 15 months and counting this is the 5th Birthday that I have spent on the visiting floor and thank God we only have 1 more to go," she wrote.

"He sends his LOVE and expresses his APPRECIATION for all of the SUPPORT he has received thus far....⏳⏳the wait Is almost over!!!"

Bobby was arrested initially in Dec. 2014 following a long-term investigation of his crew. He was subsequently charged with murder, attempted murder and weapons possession. In 2016 he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years behind bars.

Upon his release, it's likely the rapper will be welcomed with open arms back into the Hip Hop community. He did not snitch on his crew - unlike another high profile rapper due for release in 2020.