The Love & Hip Hop Miami Reunion show was filmed yesterday, and Bobby told his longtime "straight" friend Prince that he "is in love with him."

Bobby Lytes is an openly gay cast member on the reality show Love & HipHop and his best friend is a purportedly "straight" man named Prince. The two have been platonic friends for years, but this past  season - the two were involved in a bunch of physical fights.

This season - Bobby and Prince started off good friends. But as the season progressed, the two men started arguing quite a bit, especially in public places.

Despite the arguing, Prince said earlier this year that he does not think Bobby is a bad person or that he has a bad character. "I just think that he has some ways about him that I can't have too close to me. For me to have been such a good friend and to have have dealt with the social media backlash... The thing that people save on my back, even just here, in our own community, for me to have put up with all that and never treating him differently, and for him to do the things that he does and did - which you see as episodes air - it's not that it's unforgivable, but it's unforgettable," Prince opened up.

Miami Tip, a common friend of both Bobby and Prince, has been trying to get both men on great terms again, but Prince refuses to fix the friendship because someone else wants him to. 

Well now the nature of their fights was exposed yesterday at the Love & Hip Hop Miami reunions show.

According to multiple people in attendance, Bobby told Prince "I'm in love with you."

And Prince's response to his best friend's revelation was surprising to some. The insider explained, "Prince seemed surprised - but in a good way. The two men hugged, and they said that they were going to stay friends."

But our insider believed that Prince may be planning to "date" his friend Bobby. The tipster explained, "I left the reunion thinking that Bobby and Prince were going to be f*cking that night."