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Bobby Brown has stepped into the ring to claim the title of the "King of R&B."

During the interview with TMZ, Brown says he's ready to give up the title and would gladly give up the title to Usher, but he also gave Chris Brown and R. honorable mentions. He's ready to battle anyone live on stage.

“They want the title, they have to battle me. That’s If you want the title, you have to battle me. I didn’t really want to talk about it, but I’ve been seeing it on Instagram and social media and to me, it’s like, you want the title, battle me. Live on stage. Me vs. anybody. It doesn’t matter who it is.”

He's not a huge fan of Jacquees' either.

“Chris Brown’s a bad boy. Usher’s a bad boy. If anyone deserves the title, it would be one of them. Still got R. Kelly, you know? I turned 50 so, you know, I need to relinquish the title anyway. I’d give it up to Usher. That’s like my son. He’s that good that I think he should battle like Chris Brown. He’s not even recognizable. I don’t even know his music.”

Watch the clip below.