Bobby Brown's SISTER Is Fighting With His Wife . . . On Social Media . . . About The New BIOPIC!!

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Last night was Part 2 of the Bobby Brown biopic on BET, and Bobby's family is UPSET. Many of Bobby's kin believe that the movie wasn't REALLY the Bobby Brown story, it was more like The Bobby and Alicia love story. And they are furious about it.

Bobby Brown's sister Leolah went on Facebook last night, and started firing SHOTS at Bobby's wife Alicia, whom she claims has been exerting UNDUE INFLUENCE on her brother Bobby. According to Leolah, Alicia was always JEALOUS of Bobby's fame and of Whitney Houston.

Leolah also claim that Alicia has been actively keeping Bobby Brown away from his family, including his mother. Look:


In Part 2 we learned that Bobby caught Whitney cheating on him. According to the show, "in the first part of the series, we saw he even got another woman pregnant at the same time as Houston — it seems the R&B singer wasn’t the only one who was out creeping. To add insult to injury, Brown even caught Houston in the act of bringing another man into his own home. It’s safe to say, this didn’t end well."

Houston and Brown vowed to get sober after he had a seizure — but it was short lived. After an all-night drug binge with Houston, things didn’t end so well for Brown. The result? A seizure, which, at the time, Houston’s spokesperson said it resulted from intense heat and a hectic recording schedule for Brown’s new album. Over a decade later, we discovered it was really due to drugs. Though, the most shocking part of it all, was when viewers saw that a drug-affected Houston almost left Brown there to die. It was after that low moment that the tumultuous couple vowed to change their lives.