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Bobby Brown' sister Leolah Brown is claiming that Bobbi Kristina did not die from the drowning incident, she was "starved to death" in the hospital.

Leolah says Whitney and Bk were both killed and their deaths ignored by authorities because they were drug users. But she now says she has evidence that Whitney was beaten and fought for her life.

Bobby Brown's sister has been making these explosive claims now for almost 3 years. Here's what she posted on Facebook 3 years ago:

 I Have actual Facts & Real Evidence That Proves Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That There Is Foul Play In Both Murder’s! But, I Can’t Do This Alone!

I Have Exhuasted All Of My funds Thus Far!

I Am Left With No Choice But To Ask YOU For Your Help! Please Help Me To Help Them?

I Will Prove To YOU & The World That They Were Both Brutally Murdered & Put In Those Bathtubs By Their Killers! 

This week, Leolah gave an explosive interview to a blogger - where she reiterated those claims - and more.

According to Leolah, Bobbi Kris was beaten by Nick Gordon. And she implies that Nick may have killed Whitney too.

Listen to the full interview below:

According to reports, even though Leolah Brown found some fame as a writer, she appeared in the news because of her complicated and controversial relationship with Bobby Brown and his family.

She was not on good terms with Whitney Houston’s family. So much so, that she was asked to leave Whitney Houston’s funeral because she interrupted Pat Houston’s eulogy.