R&B singer Bobby Brown has a lot to be happy about - he has a beautiful family and he's sober now - and for the longest stretch of time in his life.

But the folks on Twitter aren't congratulating the R&B legend - instead, they're making fun of him.

New pics of Whitney Houston's ex popped up online yesterday and he looked different from the Bobby we remember, from his face to his style of dress. According to people on social media Bobby had gone from have a little swag to looking like an "old preacher."

Here are the images that went viral:

Here are some more images from the event:

The images of Bobby, looking like an "old preacher" were taken at the 2nd Annual Celebration of Serenity Gala & Golf events for The Bobbi Kristina Serenity House.

Here are some of the mean comments that were posted online about Bobby:

Something DEFINITELY is wrong. That’s the creepiest look I’ve seen in a while 😭😩

Looking like a old ass preacher

Looks real clone-ish

Looking casket sharp.