Bobby Brown Allegedly CHEATED On Whitney . . . With Tammy Faye Baker!! (Video)

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Bobby Brown allegedly had an affair on Whitney Houston, with televangelist Jim Baker's wife Tammy Faye. That story is according to Bobby's former friends - who are telling their stories online, and spilling all kinds of tea.

In the interview, Bobby's friend explained ho the BEST SELLING SINGER had a secret liaison with Tammy Faye. The man claims that he was present when the liaison took place:

He explained in the video, "I was outside the room . . . Bobby told me 'I got Tammy Faye Baker in the room.'" He also claims that while Bobby was with Tammy Faye, she was still married to her preacher husband.

Here's the interview. The Tammy Baker part starts at 53:30

This year's Bobby Brown documentary on BET gave us a lot of unknown information about Bobby. Echoing 2017’s the New Edition Story, Bobby Brown’s narrative unfolds in a compelling two-part miniseries, beginning with part one: his struggle to rebrand as a solo artist after being booted from the five-man R&B boy band. Viewers also learned about a love life struggle he faced that dropped the jaws of the internet: his secret love affair with the Queen of Pop and youngest of music’s iconic Jackson family, Janet Jackson.

He began showering her with his unrequited affection, surprising her with expensive gifts and making stride efforts to make Janet his lady. Unfortunately, her feelings weren’t mutual. Ultimately, the climax of their under-the-table love affair arrives when Bobby flies into an anger wrath and kicks her out of his hotel room after an intimate night, which BET cut from airing. According to him, her family would never give their blessings to Janet and Bobby as a couple because they were color-struck and would disprove of his dark skin complexion.