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Bobbi Kristina's EX Is NEAR-SUICIDE . . . Bobby Brown's RELENTLESS PURSUIT . . . Is Going To KILL THE BOY!! (Should Bobby STOP . . . Or FINISH HIM??)

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This week Nick Gordon was ordered to pay $36 million in the wrongful death lawsuit filed against him by Bobby Brown and the Estate of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bobby Brown is also actively lobbying local prosecutors to put Nick IN JAIL - because he believes Nick KILLED his daughter.

All that PRESSURE is taking a toll on Nick, and now reports say that he's on drugs and "suicidal." Here's what Radar Online is saying

“[Nick is] back on drugs and solely dependent on relatives for hand-outs to support his habit!”

“Unfortunately, he’s doing absolutely nothing with his life right now.”

Nick Gordon is clearly in a BAD PLACE . . . should Bobby Brown lighten up on him . . . or FINISH HIM.