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Rapper Blueface has DUMPED one of his girlfriends after she called him a "trick" online and said she is with him for his coins.

In a video shared by Worldstar Hip Hop, Blueface is seen sitting in between his girlfriends.

"There's nothing wrong with being a trick," the girl says about her now ex-boyfriend, Blueface. Welp, Blueface tells her to her face that "she blew it" before telling her fans that Lollipop will be getting kicked out that day.

Lollipop is in it for the CASH!!!

Blueface is visibly upset, especially that she made the comment live on Instagram and tells her that she's "out of the picture."

He then turns to his other girlfriend, Candy and asks whether she loves him. He was already over Lollipop.

His girlfriends went viral after Blueface's sister tried to attack them with a knife (allegedly). The video footage was leaked online before the "Thotiana" rapper shared surveillance footage giving more context to the story.

His baby mama, Candy, is sticking around. But for now, It's bye-bye Lollipop.