Blueface Dragged For Asking Store For 'George Floyd Discount'

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Blueface was shopping for new furniture for his home, but his fans were left outraged after he recorded himself on live asking the store staff for a "George Floyd" discount.

"Aye, cuh. Y'all tell them to give me that George Floyd discount, cuh," he says in the video. "I need that Black Lives Matter discount."

Obviously, Blueface felt that the comments were hilarious, but his followers disagreed, and of course, Twitter dragged him for filth, calling him a "one-hit wonder" and trashing his music.

Floyd was killed by officer Derek Chauvin, who kneeled on his neck for nearly 9 minutes until he stopped breathing. Floyd told the officer several times that he could not breathe, but Chauvin did not ease up and at times, his colleagues helped him to restrain Floyd.

Chauvin and the four other officers have been fired. Chauvin faces a charge of second-degree murder, while the other officers face aiding and abetting charges.