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Blocboy JB's Baby Mama: I Caught Him Cheating w/ Transgender! (Leaks 'Bussy' Pics)

Rapper Blocboy JB's babys mother is claiming that she caught the rapper "cheating" on her, with a transgender. And MTO News has learned that Blockboy's baby mama is claiming to have proof! 

According to Blockboy's baby mama, she found "bussy" pics that the t-girl sent to Blocboy's phone. And, the "bussy" pics, showed the "t-girls" private parts.


Blockboy's baby mama stole the rapper's phone and began scrolling through it. And she was flabbergasted by one of the messages she saw.

The scorned woman claims that she found a series of conversations between Blocboy and an alleged transgender. In the conversation, Blocboy was sending the woman pictures of himself, and in exchange, she was sending over pics of her "bussy."

Blockboy's baby mama decided to share the video of the graphic bussy pics that the alleged t-girl sent with all of Twitter. We warn you, the images are very graphic.


So far, the rapper has not responded to his baby mama's allegations.

Blocboy JB is a rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his song "Look Alive" featuring Drake, which peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2018.

His other songs include "Shoot", "Rover" and "Rover 2.0" featuring 21 Savage.