Kevin Hart's Ex TORREI HART . . . Allegedly DUMPED Her Boyfriend . . . When They Found Out . . . That HE HAD CANCER!! (Is She WRONG For This??)


Here's a report that was sent:

Torrei Hart (Skipper) was dating her manager Mareno Rankin for over six years until last summer. Mareno Rankin, who has an Entertainment and sports management company, is from Baltimore but have lived in LA for years and has managed a lot of celebs while over there.

He has helped to boost the career of Torrei Hart along with her using her ex-husband's last name to get fame.

Mareno was struck with cancer. She left him when he told her about the cancer and was in need her help and support. Torrei even went on several vacations right after that while he dealt with this sickness. Torrei even told him that she did not want to be a caregiver and rolled out without even looking back to help the man who helped her.

That's some cold ass shit to say and do to someone who you say you love.

Mareno has since packed up and moved back to Baltimore so he could get chemo treatment and have family care for him since Torrei dropped the ball. It just made me angry that someone is dealt a bad hand by getting cancer but then to know that she said that she didn't get into the relationship to be a caregiver after knowing he has it.

We've confirmed that Mareno's cancer is in remission, but he's still fighting it.