#blackAF Creator Kenya Barris: My Divorce Was Announced On My Birthday

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Kenya Barris, the creator of #blackAF and Black-ish have revealed that his divorce from his longtime wife, Rainbow Barris, was announced on his birthday.

"Somehow, some f*cked up way, it got announced on my birthday I didn't file on my birthday but it got announced on my birthday. I don't know that people care about me getting divorced," he told rapper T.I. 

He says he was surprised that people even cared.

"I'm not anybody, especially at that point. And all of a sudden it's in the papers as I'm getting off the plane coming from Atlanta. I have my wife calling me. I have my daughter who's a sophomore at USC calling me. I have my daughter, who's a senior in high school, calling me because her friends are talking about it. I'm just not used to…it's a different world than I ever expected and I'm trying to experience it with the audience in real time. This is all happening to me as it's happening on air."

He is rumored to be dating actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

Barris also addressed criticisms of colorism on his new Netflix show.

"This is based on my family. She's playing a version of my wife whose bi-racial. My wife is bi-bacial, she's playing a version of that character. My kids, what Rashida and I could produce, looks like those kids, who are amazing," he explained.

And so I feel like, you know I think the sometimes we just need to, like I talked about like informing ourselves more. I think everyones experience and opinion in terms of, you know color-ism are real, and I understand that. But if you just dug a little bit under the surface, you would understand that this is based upon, biographical, this was based on my family, and I was trying to duplicate a version of what my family was. "