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A popular Black Youtube blogger is under fire for claiming that the man she's having s*x with, continuously uses the N Word.

The blogger, who goes by the name Janay and has thousands of followers, is going viral over her controversial tweets.

On Friday, the blogger asked her fans help in getting her White boyfriend to stop using the N word. And after that post, her comments erupted.


Janet ended up posting one email that she received from a concerned follower. It seems to have summed up what many followers were feeling about Janet's predicament.

Here's the email:

Are you ok sis? You really logged onto the internet and publicly typed that for the world to see?

I'm not sure I have ever felt more second-hand embarrassment for another human being in my life, I just had to reach out! Idk if you were serious or joking or what you really expected to get as a response but people clearly took you seriously so you made a complete fool of yourself.

And then you SAW the reactions, said you were gonna delete the tweet and still didn't. I ask, again, ARE YOU OK SIS? 

If you're serious, I hope you drop the dude, men like that aren't worth it and it's concerning that you're still interested in being involved with him after that.

Either way all your tweet is doing is making you look dumb and pathetic (and that image and tweet hurts your Youtube channel by the way because no one wants to support someone like that).

And you gave fuel to all those people who already hate on Black women who date white men and call them bedwenches etc. They're having a field day with your tweet.

So you made things worse for other Black women who are actually in healthy relationships with white/non-black men.

Not sure what you were thinking when you tweeted that and the choice is ultimately yours but you REALLY need to consider having some dignity and deleting.