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Black Youngsta Invites 99 STRIPPERS . . . To His Mansion . . . Livestreams Party! (VIDEO)


Rapper Blac Youngsta threw an album release party for his new album F**k Everybody 2 - and he invited 99 strippers and live-streamed it. The party, which was held at his Memphis mansion, was Livestreamed to his millions of fans last night..

Clearly Blac Youngtsa is living his best life right now. The Memphis rapper hosted an Instagram Live party last night with 99 strippers. He revealed the tracklist for his new album F**k Everybody 2 which is set for release at midnight tonight.

Many people are calling Blac Youngsta the new HUGH HEFNER, because of the way he's been moving lately.

The project comes with ten tracks, and so far we only see one guest spot from Lil Pump, but you will get more details as they become available. F**k Everybody 2 is the second installment in the series. The album is set for release on August 31st, while the first installment came in 2016.

Here's some of the video:

In the videos from the wild night, the women are seen playing a game of Twister, while Blac Youngsta made his way around the room. He danced with several of the different women, and had no shame in showing off their moves from various angles. Naturally, he began trending on Twitter quickly after these videos surfaced!