Black Youngsta . . . Got 4 Strippers From Same Club . . . PREGNANT!!!

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Rapper Black Youngsta is in a world of trouble. According to a person close to him, the rapper currently has FOUR dancers from the same club pregnant. The dancers all work at the popular V Live strip club in downtown Memphis.

MTO News learned that Blac Youngsta has been dating all four dancers, and ALL four are now pregnant - and claim the rapper is their baby father. The insider explains, "I know two of the girls and they are definitely NOT keeping the baby. But he's going to have to pay for them to get rid of [the unborn child.]"

Our insider suspects that the rapper will have to pay about $5,000 - for each woman to terminate the pregnancy.

But the other two dancers may actually go through with it. Our insider explained, "The other two dancers will probably keep their babies. They both [already] have kids and so it wouldn't really [impact] their life so much [to have another baby]."

So what does Blac Youngsta think about all this? We reached out to folks close to him, and they had "no comment" towards his alleged predicament.