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Black Woman's Breast 'EXPLODES' After Botched Plastic Surgery!! (Warning Graphic)

DISCLAIMER: The images below are extremely graphic, but are being shown for medical purposes. If you are planning to have cosmetic surgery, please research into the surgeon and the clinic.

MTO News learned that a Black British woman had her breast "explode" after she underwent breast implant surgery. She decided to get a discount, and flew to Turkey to get the operation done. Generally surgical procedures are 90% less in Turkey, than in the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, the woman had a post-operation complication which led her boob to burst - and now the patient lost her nipple and huge amounts of breast tissue.

The following set of pictures are communications between the clinic and the victim.


Plastic surgery is on the rise among Black women Internationally. In the United States the most popular elective surgical operation among Black women is a Brazilian Butt lift. But in the United Kingdom, and across Europe, Black women prefer to get breast implants.