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A woman is coming out and spilling explicit details, on what it's like to have s*x with superstar actor Michael B Jordan.

The woman, who is African American, claims to have had numerous s*xual encounters with the Creed star. This is surprising, because there were rumors that Michael does NOT date Black women. It turns out those rumors are FALSE.

Michael's former love interest told her girlfriend all about her multiple experiences with the A list actor. And the girlfriend posted the details about Michael on a popular gossip message board.  

Here's what she said about Michael B Jordan:

The d**k is NOT small , I know I was surprised too. 

At the same time its not a mandingo and he knows how to use it.

He eats p***y well and will eat it but is more one sided when it comes or*l.

Otherwise he’s really good in bed, str*ke game is decent, lasts about 15-20mins .

Prefers you come to where he is staying and you’re not allowed to stay the night. He's not mean about kicking you out. Just politely drops hints that its time to go.

She said he never made her sign an NDA.

He’s really nice and upfront that it’s a casual f**k and nothing more, take it or leave it. Yes she is black and she was wearing a weave at the time they met and yes he did use a condom with her every time.