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Black Woman KIDNAPPED In Lebanon; Put Up 'For Sale' On Facebook!!

A Black woman, Peace Busari, was kidnapped in Lebanon and put up for sale on Facebook by a Lebanese man, MTO News has learned.


Local authorities claim that Peace has been rescued, and is on her way home from Lebanon. And her kidnapper, Wael Jerro, has been arrested, MTO News has learned. 

It's not exactly clear how Peace was abducted, but she was saved by the Internet. 

Jerro allegedly put up a post on a Facebook page - ‘Buy and Sell in Lebanon', advertising Peace and showing pictures of her passport. Peace is from the African nation of Nigeria.

And the disgusting Lenabese kidnapper put a price tag of $1,000 on the Black woman. 

When Jerro's post went viral, the Lebanese police moved into action. Peace was rescued and has been in the custody of the Nigerian Mission in Beirut.

Because of the Covid-19 lockdown, she was stranded in Lebanon - until yesterday.

MTO News has confirmed that Peace flew into Nigeria yesterday, and has been reunited with her family.