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A Black woman was attacked by a gun-carrying White man in Dallas - and the attack has gone viral.

The brutal assault was allegedly sparked by a parking dispute. The attacker is believed to be a bartender named Austin Shuffield, according to an arrest warrant.

Austin is seen on video attacking the 24-year-old victim on Wednesday night.

Police say that the victim stopped after driving the wrong way down Elm Street. That’s when Shuffield, 30, got out of his truck to ask her to move out of his way because she was blocking the parking lot exit.

When he approached, a dispute followed, and it was caught on tape (see below).

The video shows Austin and the victim in the heated argument. At one point, Austin pulls out what appears to be a gun and holds it behind his back. 

After more words are exchanged, he smacks the woman’s cell phone out of her hand as she was dialing 911. The victim tries to defend herself but is brutally beaten.

Here is the video:

The assailant was arrested for  aggravated assault causing injury, interference with an emergency call and public intoxication. He was eventually freed on just a $2,000 bond:


The unidentified 24-year-old woman has hired civil rights attorney Lee Merritt. He issued a statement Friday saying Shuffield should face felony assault and hate-crime charges because he launched into a racist diatribe before the attack.

"Our office is speaking with the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas County District Attorney's office to ensure all appropriate charges are pursued including felony assault, firearm and hate crime related charges."