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A Black woman was brutally attacked by a drunk man in Belgium, and the incident is causing an international crisis.

The vicious attack is being called racist, by people in Belgium who understand the cultural dynamics of the country.

In the video, a man who appears to be and Orthodox Jew, vomits on the Black woman.

Then he picks up a bottle and tries to break it on the woman's head.

If the bottle had smashed, the woman may have been killed. Luckily, he was too old and intoxicated to muster up the strength to deliver a fatal blow.

Here's the video. Warning it is graphic:

Belgium was one of the most brutally violent and racist countries during the colonization of Africa.

King Leopold’s reign over Congo from 1885 to 1908 was notorious for its brutality. After Leopold handed over Congo to the Belgian state, the tiny nation continued to hold sway over an area 80 times its size half a world away until Congo became independent in 1960.