Black Twitter Tries To CANCEL Jamaican Artist Sean Paul; For Being A 'White Man'!!

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Sean Paul is one of the most famous and successful Jamaican Dancehall artists in history. Now MTO News has learned that many social justice warriors on Black Twitter want to cancel him, because they say he's a White man - who misappropriated Black culture.


Here's the woman who first started the #CancelSeanPaul movement. Listen to her arguments against the artist.

MTO News did a bit of research on Sean Paul's racial history, and Sean Paul is definitely multiracial.


Sean's grandmother (on father's side) was a Black woman and his father was Black & Portugese (his other paternal grandfather was Portuguese). Sean Paul's father was also raised in a Jewish household. Sean Paul was also raised in a Jewish home, and the Jamaican dancehall artists even had his bar mitzvah . It's not clear whether Sean Paul still practices Judaism as his faith.

Here's a pic of Sean Paul's dad.


Sean Pauls mother Francis has English, Chinese and Jamaican roots. But it's pretty clear that ethnically, she was a White woman.

So what do you think about her argument?