Black TRUMPer Tells The Things He Wants To Change!! (Bleach Skin, Straighten Hair, Nosejob)

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A Black Trump supporter has gone viral - for showing just how much he HATES being Black. Most Black Trump supporters are believed to be SELF-HATING Black people . . . well this guy is proving that to be TRUE.

Looksmaxing is one of the most prominent Alt-right figures who is Black. And he's got SERIOUS self-hatred issues.

The Black Trumper created a video on YouTube, where he explained to his followers all the things about himself that he would like to change. And he basically said that he wanted to use surgery - to CHANGE HIS RACE. The man claimed that he wanted to surgically BLEACH his skin, and have his hair straightened.

Here are the other things that he would like to have done to himself:

  1. Hair transplant
  2. Bleached skin
  3. Straighten hair
  4. Wear better clothing (minor)
  5. Take better pictures
  6. Work out
  7. Plastic surgery here-and-there on the face
  8. Surgery to make himself look taller, or platform shoes