Black Trans Woman Iyanna Dior Beaten By Mob In Minneapolis

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The beating of a Black transgender woman by the name of Iyanna Dior is making headlines after footage of the savage attacked leaked online -- and activists want justice for the trans victim.

The video shows a group of 20 to 30 cisgender men beating Dior, outside a convenience store while calling her a homophobic slur. During the attack, Dior was able to escape behind the counter of the store and out through the back exit of the store after bystanders tried to hold off the attackers.

Trans icon Janet Mock took to social media to condemn the attack:

"#IyannaDior is a black trans woman who was brutally attacked as a crowd of cis black folks looked on (shoutout to the ONE good sis who tried to intervene). Folks stood witness to this brutality on another black life. You can see it in the video. #blacklivesmatter #girlslikeus," Mock tweeted.

Here is a link to the video. *warning* Graphic violence shown.