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Black Man Gets Into A 1-On-1 Fair Fight w/ Philly Cop & Wins; Now On the Run! (Video)

A verbal altercation between a Philadelphia uniformed police officer and a Black man led to violence recently. And MTO News has obtained footage from the scene.

Here is the full video - TRIGGER WARNING


According to social media reports, the incident began with the officer berating the man who was just "minding his business" while inside the subway station. The man, frustrated, stood up for himself - and according to social media accounts - challenged the officer to a 1-on-1 fight.

Amazingly, the officer said yes, the reports say, the two got into it.

In the video, the man and the officer square up and begin boxing one another. Initially, the two seem evenly matched, but then the man lands a punch on the officer's jaw and stuns him. Afterward, it becomes clear that the cop is no match for him.

The cop then took off his hat and appeared to step back - in a submissive manner. After getting the upper hand, the man took off running and is chased by the officer.

Social media reports say the man escaped - and is now wanted by police.

Here is the full video - TRIGGER WARNING