Black Sheriff Defends Officer Who Shot & Killed Rayshard Brooks

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Black Sheriff Alfonso Williams, has defended the officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks -- and he says he believes the death was justified.

"I think it was a justified shooting based on the limited information that has been presented on the video and what I've seen on television," he said per the Augusta Chronicle. "It was completely justified, it follows all use-of-force policy guidelines and it just appears to me more of a politicization of the situation, which I think it's very harmful to law enforcement."

He continued, "In this case, (Brooks) has fought with an officer, which he has committed a felony of obstruction of an officer, he removed a weapon from the officer's belt and he turned towards the officers and fired the Taser," Williams said. "An officer is not expected to wait to see if he gets hit or not or injured or not before he returns fire. The moment he turned towards the officer and pointed what appeared to be a weapon, whether it was a Taser or an actual handgun, the officer would be justified in using deadly force."

He appeared on CNN, where he doubled down on his statement.