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Black Panther Star BARKS At Black Woman . . . Who Asks Him . . . ‘Is He Single’!! (He’s With A WHITE Girl)


Winston Duke played M’Baku in the movie Black Panther. And now many of his Black female fans are BLASTING him on social media.
What happened? Well, Winston – who is currently dating a White woman – was asked by a Black woman if he was single.

Instead of letting his female fan down lightly – he immediately SHUT the lady down.

And he was VERY rude about it.

Despite the huge success of Black Panther, the Marvel movie was actually his debut on the big screen. He has appeared on several television shows including Modern Family, Law & Order: SVU, Person of Interest, and The Messengers but never a movie. He had to audition 4 times in 3 months to secure the bag!

“He took me in every direction known to man with the character,” he told Variety.

“Even being part of a world like Black Panther that is gonna be something that’s deeply commercial, it still is about a narrative of people who are unseen, unheard, and unrepresented, you know? I would love more stories with strong characters of color who don’t always fit the mold that Hollywood has created in the past. I want more opportunities for us.”

Being likable is important too. Your fans need t like and support your career – not just Hollywood execs otherwise who will be paying to watch your movies. Winston needs to cut the defensiveness and learn to be a little kinder to his fans. She wasn’t even disrespectful; she was asking him a question.

He should apologize.

Here’s his current GF:

Image placeholder title
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And here’s how he SHUT DOWN the lady: