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Black Panther DIRECTOR Ryan Coogler's Wife - Take A Guess . . . WHITE Or BLACK Woman!!


Black Panther director Ryan Coogler took his GORGEOUS wife to Cannes - to premiere his latest project. Ryan is 31 years old and wife Zinzi Evans, 32 years old, met in college - and have been together ever since.

The couple are starting to get a higher profile, now that Ryan has become the new "IT" director in Hollywood. For example, the Coogler's were featured in a recent issue of Essence magazine. According to reports, "Zinzi loves to play volleyball, dance and listen to music and her favorite sport is cross-country." 

While Ryan and star Chadwick Boseman have been vocal on their preference for dating (and in Ryan's case marrying Black women - another Black actor has made a different choice.

As MTO News has reported, Michael B Jordan has consistently dated non-black women. His current girlfriend, an Instagram model is caucasian.


Coogler recently accepted the "Director of the Year" award at Cinemacon at the end of April, as reported by Ebony. Ebony reported that, "Coogler reminisced about taking his now wife, Zinzi Evans, on their first movie date and hometown Oakland’s habit of talking “to the screen,” when they enjoy a blockbuster flick."

He said:

“I’m honored to be thought of for an award like this, it really means the world to me. I really love making movies, and before I knew I loved making movies, I loved watching them. Some of my earliest memories were me sitting on my dad’s lap at some of the coolest theaters in the Bay area…It’s an amazing, full-circle quality to this.”